Hate cases?

Layr is the first case you will

actually leave on your phone.

Incredibly Thin

At 0.3mm you barely feel the case on your phone. There is absolutely zero bulk.

Perfectly Molded

Layr is perfectly molded to fit your iPhone. Snug fit, maximum coverage, no gaps.

Free Shipping

Free shipping anywhere in North America. Ships from Canada.


This is the first case I've actually decided to leave on my phone.

– Jonathan

I’ve never used a case on my phone in the past because they all change how nice and sleek it feels. This case is honestly the best one I’ve used. Just looking at the phone you can’t even tell there’s a case on it and it adds zero bulk while offering a little grip to the phone. I love it.

– Amandah

Is Layr right for you?

Yes, if you...

- Don't put a case on your phone because you hate the bulkiness.

- Generally take good care of your device.

No, if you...

- Drop your phone a lot.

- Often find you need to replace your phone because of damage.

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